Squarectabinet (HC31SR) series Objectivism 5/5

ZL201220045991.1 (PROC Patent), M433143 (ROC Patent)

The bookcase can be separated into two identical parts (L shape) and then re-organized into forms like square, horizontal or vertical rectangle and the others.
Each part can also be used individually. The form of bookcase can be adjusted for different space and purposes, and any angle of the cabinet can accommodate drawers for better storage. Both of Squarectable (table) and Squarectabinet (cabinet) are designed by a simple mathematical formula: square area = 6x6 = (2x3)x(3x2) = (2x2)x(3x3) = rectangle.

長方櫃 Squarectabinet (HC31SR)



Set Size (cm):

depth: 25 
square: 120 x 120
rectangle: 80 x 180

Unit Net Weight (kg):

frame: 23.5
drawer x 3: 7.5

Total Weight: 62